Step by step instructions to redesign your career this year

Step by step instructions to redesign your career this year

In my previous blog, I had mentioned how the future may seem very uncertain to many and this new year as we enter with more expectations and dreams and there is no time like now to get out free and locate the New Me. Resolutions, dreams, plans, and objectives will be in plenty and go full scale and the likelihood of a prevalent future is at the front line of everyone’s considerations. You must keep in mind that you must be ready to take the risk and take a chance at redesigning your career. Let us continue from where we last left.

3)Not telling anyone

By and by most of us are on Facebook and Quora and you may post your New Year Resolutions on them assuming it will be fun and everything with the exception of it will wind up being an immense weight on oneself that you are continually improving yourself. One major point to stay is being close-lipped regarding those plans and this will goad you to achieve better things with no hindrance that people are watching every movement that you make. Take latest Online IT Certification Training and get trained and update your future along these lines.

4)May/June is the ideal time to apply for work

Occupations are out there in tremendous numbers to apply for toward the completion of the year and in between. But most of the people don’t do that regularly. It is just that they are not sufficiently moved. By far most of them tend to go underground in the midst of the year-end or the Christmas time and since now you have realized that you have lost major time. Now is the best time to go out and begin execution of your honest New Year resolutions. Take clinical data management training now for example if you want to begin a career in Clinical Data management.

We are assuming that 2018 has just begun and as expected you are assuming that you have proceeded to be a superior and better-equipped individual and to help complete a few goals that were not completed at the beginning of the new year. Make a goal chart first and begin to thread it carefully and try to understand where you are good at initially before taking the plunge. Help yourself and also the people who are around you this time and make the best of the available resources.

Step by step instructions to redesign your career this year

Step by step instructions to redesign your career this year

Future may seem very uncertain to many and this new year as we enter with more expectations and dreams and there is no time like now to get out free and locate the New Me. Resolutions, dreams, plans, and objectives will be in plenty and go full scale and the likelihood of a prevalent future is at the front line of everyone’s considerations. You must keep in mind that you must be ready to take the risk and take a chance at redesigning your career.

There will be many who will be doubters and naysayers who will not be making any new year resolutions since they will be envisioning the ones that won’t be having any influence by any means.   Here are some couple of things that you need to ask yourself now that 2018 has arrived.

1) Is your career going the way you require it to be?

Despite whether you have left any Top University or considering about resigning or leaving, by then sufficient doors are open as of now out there for you to consider where you are and whether you are content with the position. For example, you may be a java designer and want to look and get into the universe of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by taking up Blockchain ethereum course. Taking a major course will ensure that you get into Blockchain and impact a better profession out there. Making that change is exceptionally good on the off chance that you are not content with your calling at the present time.

2)Would it be something that you genuinely require?

The best approach to answer this is you stay reliable with your dreams and moreover remain down to earth too. Instead of achieving your complete set of goals for the next year you can rather make a strong foundation, lay the squares and take it direct starting there. Your calling can be a marathon and expect you to keep running forward and you will find that by the time the idea of your achievements will be not that acceptable as you outline it inside your psyche. For example, you may need to take up Cloud Computing Training and you may not think about it in serious, then you should shed each one of your restrictions and keep your target in your brain before chugging on.

Stay tuned to read more in the next post.

Top 9 Android Developer Interview Q & A

Top 9 Android Developer Interview Q & A

Operating Systems have developed a lot in the past few decades. Starting from normal phones to recent smart or mini phone, it has come a long way. Smartphones have evolved from Palm OS in 1996 to Blackberry OS to Android. One of the most widely used mobile OS is Android. Android is a mobile OS that was developed by Google and it runs on the Linux kernel and primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices. Android applications are written in Java programming language. Android is available as open source for developers to build their own applications which can be further be sold in the android market. Here are some Android developer Q & A for you

1)What is Android architecture?

Ans: Android architecture consists of the following 5 elements

  • Application
  • Application Framework
  • Android runtime
  • Libraries
  • Linux Kernel

2) Why do you want to become an Android Developer and what are some of the advantages of Android?

Ans: I want to become a developer with all the strengths of the chosen platform. I have personally liked the platform and made efforts to train myself pretty well. Some of the key advantages of Android are listed below

  • It is Open source
  • Has platform diversity.
  • Experience with Java as it is the language of choice for Android app development

3)What is NDK?

Ans: The NDK which is the Native Development Kit provides all the tools that are used to build apps that access a device natively. Android has the NDK to support native development in C and C++ other than the Android Software Development Kit which supports Java.

4) What is a Google Android SDK?

Ans: It is a set of tools that are needed by developers to enable them to write apps on Android-enabled devices. It has a graphical interface which has an Android handheld environment, thus enabling them to test and debug

5)What are the 7 lifecycle methods of Android activity and what are they used for?

Ans: The seven lifecycle methods of Android activity are as follows onCreate(), onStart(), onRestart(), onResume(), onPause(), onStop(), and onDestroy(). The main purpose is to help structure the code as how you want an activity can perform throughout its lifecycle on the device.

6)Write code to launch a new activity within your application?

Ans: The main goal of this question is to test your knowledge of explicit intent which defines the activity of the developer who wished to start.

Intent myIntent = new Intent(this, MyActivityNew.class);


7) Can an android application be programmed only in Java?

Ans: No. It is not necessary as you can program Android apps using NDK in C and C++. The NDK is said to be a toolkit that allows us to implement parts of the app using the native code languages such as C and C++.

8) Where must you declare the activity that you do so that the system can access it?

Ans: Activity is said to be declared in the manifest file and here is some sample code



<activity android:name=”.MyBenchfolks”>

9) What are the various storage methods that are used in Android?

Ans: Android offers many options for data persistence. Shared preferences will be storing private and primitive data in key-value pairs. This will sometimes get limited and you cannot save your own java types. Internal storage which stored private data in your device memory.

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How the Blue Whale Challenge Is Unleashing Terror All Over?

How the Blue Whale Challenge Is Unleashing Terror All Over?

What is the big deal about the shadowy Blue Whale suicide challenge that is allegedly brainwashing the younger gamers to commit suicide? Who is the worst hit? Why this sudden unleashing of terror? No one has any answers yet and it is a game that is reaching new shores on social media sites and if they endorse the certain hashtags on the sites then they can get involved in some groups.

It is clear to all that something needs to be done to stop the spread of the game as the idea of banning it seems to be quite absurd and for starting the Blue Whale Challenge is not any app or a game which can be downloaded or subscribed but a list of 50 tasks which must be performed. The user must share the updates on social media with the hashtags after completing each task with #curatorfindme, #BlueWhaleChallenge etc and the curators and the admins who are monitoring the tags get in touch with the players on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc. They will, in turn, assign tasks to the respective players which must be completed within stipulated time and posted with the pictures or photos or videos that they have performed with adding the tags. It is almost impossible to find them and it could be anyone. The curators can get all the personal details or get access to private content which can be used to blackmail them in case the user does not complete the task.

The moment the player signs up for the game, he or she is assigned a curator or an administrator who will be providing a daily task for them to complete within 50 days with photographic proof of completion. The tasks are said to be simple initially like watching horror movies, waking up at odd times and eventually the player is told to inflict harm on themselves and on the final day they are asked to kill themselves. For those who fear it are threatened that the administrator has all the information which can be personal or private, thus bringing in harm to them and their loved ones. The game has been responsible for hundreds of suicides all over the world.

People claim that there is a shadowy suicide challenge game on the app stores of Android and IOs but the claims are false as they will not permit such shadowy entities to work on their app stores. There are no games on torrents too and people are excitedly hunting out for the game and down rating anything that is named with it.

Fear and panic have crept and recently they have arrested many people who were being the curators for the challenge and the alleged administrator of the deadly Blue Whale suicide challenge has been arrested in Russia who is a 17-year-old Russian Girl. The girl was responsible for creating the 50 challenged which forced the players of the game to inflict self-harm and eventually culminate in suicide. The girl initially played the game but did not complete the task by taking her life and instead became the administrator on the site inciting others to complete the tasks.

We should all only look at the hysteria surrounding the Blue Whale challenge or the “suicide game” more and refocus on the issues that are faced by the adolescents right now. Addressing the root causes of vulnerability and talking to them about the harmful groups and the challenges is the better defense against the deadly game rather than catching panic in the half-baked reports, Teenagers and parents need to know how to support each other in tough times and who to turn to for help when needed. Only then can these games go out of existence.

Why Haven’t You Begun Your Job Search Yet As A Citizen? – Part 2

In my previous blog, I have mentioned how the economy is improving a lot in the US right now and more doors have opened in the form of International job opportunities for US citizens and local jobs. There are also an unending number of jobs and the unemployment rate in IT remains dramatically low since the succession of the new president. A career as a Developers, engineers, and security specialists are more rewarding right now and are in high demand the future is very promising for tech professionals. We have also seen as to how the citizens are waiting on their existing jobs expecting a raise or waiting until the completion of existing projects. You must not wait for the ideal time to look for a new job. Here are a few tips to begun your search

1) Take a step back and many time you need to pause and make an honest analysis of self. If you are convinced that it is the right time to make a move then you must make the necessary changes to your resume. Your resume may never seem to be quite right or no position may look as the best fit. You must ask yourself whether your expectations are that realistic. You must try to identify the exact parts of the native American jobs that are the most important to you and you must consider where you will be more comfortable compromising.

2) The next point to think about will be your long-term goals will be. You must make sure that you are clear about the type of position that you will be looking for and the kind of firm that you wish to join. For example, if you want to work for a startup and your heart lies in s startup on a US citizen jobs and you are only looking out for jobs with brand name companies that will mean explain why you are not getting excited at all otherwise, be sure that you are matching your job search to the career path you wish to pursue.

3) Talk to someone and discuss. There may be a former colleague and who can also be your career coach or someone whom you can sit down, or a recruiter that you may like. Whoever it maybe it will help you to have a conversation about where you want your career to be and it is near your goal or deviating from it. This is another way to help identify that troubles or the areas that you are not comfortable about compromising.

4) Job search may not always have a clear start and most of them do not know where they are heading to. They do not want to wake up one day and decide that they are out on a lookout for a new position. They do not want to dip a toe in the water and as a result, many job seekers do not wish to think of their objectives and compromises even though they need to do just that regularly. There may be many times where having that conversation with yourself can lead to the realization that you shouldn’t change jobs. Doing that will save you time from wasting time on a job search when you really do not wish to make a move. Register your profiles on now.

Why Haven’t You Begun Your Job Search Yet As A Citizen?

Why Haven’t You Begun Your Job Search Yet As A Citizen?

The economy is improving a lot in the US right now and more doors have opened up in the form of international job opportunities for us citizens and local jobs. Thanks to the unending number of jobs and the unemployment rate in IT remains dramatically low since long. Developers, engineers, and security specialists are in high demand right now and for tech professionals, it would seem like an ideal time to look for a new job, so why hesitate or wait.

Thanks to the speculation of visa jobs etc. many US citizens only jobs have propped up everywhere where priority is given to people who are citizens and this is what the new president wants which is part of his quest to serve Americans first and there are many people who are happy with this decision.

The reasons may vary as the recruiters suggest and there are many people who are happy with what they have and there are many who have kept their skills intact and current and have worked on cutting edge projects which have a genuine business impact and which will stay in place thus many are foregoing many international jobs for us citizens to increase their salary and experience. No matter how favorable the conditions seem to be there are many who refuse to send their resume out or put a word to their network.

There are many cases where people trip themselves in their quest for getting perfect everything’s. There are many who want an exact and best company with the best pay, benefits, location, people etc. and there are many who are revising their resumes forever by believing that they need to draft some more till they get the document up to some optimal points. There are many who are endlessly waiting for the perfect time to make a move like for example they wait for their next bonus to come through or wait until their current project gets completed.

The risks however of falling in such patterns are obvious and you will remain in your current job possible for a long-time past when it would have been right for you to leave. While the economy seems to be gaining some strength now at many points in the future it may change and the candidate is driven job market will be reverting to the one where the employees seem to have an advantage.

This is called as a quasi-job search where you will be perpetually thinking of moving out and not actively looking which can be quite distracting. There are many people who may end up in a long and frustrating process thus neglecting the things that are more important now such as their health, work, and company.

What to do now? Does all think to look and sound familiar and is it ringing a bell? If you want to make a move that will remain stalled in your efforts you need to take a pause and make an honest and self-reflective look at your situation.

Read Part2 here.

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