Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 2

In our previous blog Internet of Things part 1 we have given you an insight into what Internet of things is all about and the technologies. You can focus on these and get an insight about IoT.

We have discussed the first important thing that was Business Intelligence and the next one to be discussed is about Information Security.

Information Security


This is said to be the most of be filled talent gaps among the existing IT workforce. There are plenty of cyber security specialists who are the most sought after today after the growth of the IP-enables devices that are increasing the complexity. The potential exploits and the privacy concerns of the web are more exposed now and solving it is very important. Can someone hack into your smart fridge and gain access to the entire network?  Yes, it is entirely possible and can hack easily thus the IT security professionals can stop that from happening. They are said to be skilled in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, ethical hacking, PKI (public key infrastructure) security as well as wireless network security. So, therefore, they can mitigate the risks and evaluate the required privacy policies and correct them. Since the knowledge of data ethics and the policies is there it can help the individual to advance his/her career in information security.

UI / UX Design


The various screens such as PC, smartphone, and tablets all come in rectangles. The various objects in the Internet of Things come in all shapes and sizes. The screen will be varied and may be in small or big screens. While some may have a display, some may not have a display at all. So, the talented UI/UX designers will be hot cakes as the IoT providers will continuously strive to build and deploy effective, cost-friendly and user-friendly interfaces despite the shift in paradigms. The skills which as marketable for UI/UX designers in IoT are responsive web design which means that the visuals will dynamically adjust as per the screen size, platform and the orientation and the Service design which means human-centered design approach that is intuitive and will guide the users through very complex services. You can undertake google training courses and java programming training from top portals to train as well as to make careers.

Mobile Development


As told above since UI/UX design is paving a way to creating new kind of awareness across multiple platforms you can say that many of our smart objects will be controlled with mobile devices. The devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables are all driving additional demand for the mobile application development job role across the world. The most in demand are Apple as well as Android OS as they demand the most jobs and these two platforms account for over 95% of total mobile devices in the entire US circulations with a very neck to neck market share at 45% each share.

Now digging further deeper those who are the experienced professionals and the one who have the experience of developing mobile apps is the most sought after especially after the proliferating Internet of Things workforce. You can undertake mobile app development course online across many portals such as Benchfolks as well as dice.

For final part- Click here


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