Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part2

In our previous article, we have given the top 10 IT skills that can be learned and we have summarized one important skill. If you have not read the blog you can read them.

These set of skills are most wanted in the market right now in the US and mastering these will surely fetch you a job and we will proceed now about the skills

2) IBM WebSphere MQ:


Many companies are using IBM WebSphere MQ to enable multiple applications to communicate easily at different time intervals and in many computing environments which are diverse. Since IBM WebSphere MQ can handle multiple processors at once such as the operating systems, its corresponding subsystems as well as the communication protocols that it encounters while transfer of messages. Even is the connection or the processor is not available or is temporarily down then it can queue up the message and forward it once you go online. It is like the Gmail feature that is available where the user can use certain features offline.

Since it is a messaging and mainly a queueing middleware which is the point to point as well as publishing software it can be used by multiple users at one time over many subscribers over a multicast too. You can learn how to use WebSphere MQ Admin from a beginner’s point of view as well as the advanced techniques which are taught by very experienced trainers as well as working professionals. With the advanced IBM Websphere MQ training, you will get to learn all the concepts in an expert manner as well as in a practical manner.

3) Storage area network:


Storage Area Network (SAN) is said to be a dedicated network that is used to provide access to a large amount of consolidated as well as block level data storages of high-level data. These SANs are also primarily used so that it helps people to make storage devices like tape devices, operating systems and mainly disk arrays. They can also be accessible to multiple servers and we will feel that the devices are attached locally to our OS but it is remote. Since SAN has its own network of many storage devices it may not be accessible through a local LAN by other devices. In the late 2000’s the cost of SAN ‘s also decreased to considerable amounts and thus was used and adopted by many small as well as large enterprises worldwide. It is quite feasible in the long run and managing it is easy.

If you are passionate about networks and want an alternate and good career you can take up storage area network training from many leading portals such as benchfolks and dice where they have updated and current courses which are being taught by industry experts. You can even take up SAN certification too to up your market value. The jobs in this segment are increasing steadily in the US as more number of SAN’s are being implemented in the market since it is secured.

Check out Part3 for the next 7 skills that are like hot cakes in the market.


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