Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part3

In our two previous blogs part1 and part2, we have discussed Big Data Hadoop and MapReduce, IBM Websphere MQ and about storage area network. These are the set of top 10 skills that you can learn to get well-paying jobs. Learning a new and exciting set of skills will increase your chances of staying in the US for more time and doing niche skills and upgrading yourself is the key. The need for training also arises here and staying up to date is the best thing ever.

Let us now consider the following

4)    JBoss 8 wildly administration:


JBoss was developed by a subsidiary of Red Hat Inc. The JBoss Application server is an open-source alternative to existing solutions in the market such as IBM WebSphere and SAP NetWeaver. It fully depends on Sun Microsystems JavaBeans API for its working functionality. This is mostly focused on the business architecture of the server and most of the systems are developed on EJB. You need not do unnecessary programming and coding such that it helps to connect the various working parts. In 2014 the JBoss Application server was renamed as wildfly.

Since it is lightweight as well a cloud-friendly it is powerful enough to be used in enterprises and can be featured as a middleware portfolio as it helps to accelerate the application development as well as the deployment, integration, and automation. You can do JBoss administration training from top leading portals and apply for jobs.

5)    Weblogic:


The Oracle WebLogic Server is said to be the industry’s best application server for a building as well as for deploying enterprise Java EE applications. With its support for the new features that were introduced as well as for lowering the cost of operations, scalability as well as for improving performance you can all use WebLogic.

Nowadays WebLogic is one of the most leading e-commerce related online transaction processing (OLTP) platforms which was developed with the main aim of connecting the users all over in a distributed environment and such that it can help for the integration of mainframe applications along with the diverse and distributed set of corporate data and applications. You can undertake oracle WebLogic training from e-portals.

6)    Cassandra:


Apache Cassandra is a very scalable and a high-performance oriented database that is distributed and capable of handling large amounts of data. It provides high availability across its many commodity servers with no single point of failure. It is also a type of NoSQL database. It is a clear winner and many companies such as Apple, eBay, Uber, Comcast etc. are using it to minimize the losses and Apache Cassandra is looking forward for the second release with its new version.

If you are interested in databases and are looking forward to learning more you can undertake apache Cassandra training and get certified to get better prospects of a job.

Read the final chapter for the last 3 skills that you can think of for getting good jobs in the US.


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