Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Final Chapter

Here we are with the final chapter of the top 10 IT skills that you can learn to get good jobs. In the US, the evolution of new technologies and the application of them to the real world is faster and better than the rest of the world and you need to keep up with the rest and do well. Doing something niche is the key to survival and changing and mastering new technologies is like food to the soul of you. Staying in touch with learning and evolving is necessary to survive in the IT industry.

Read the skills explained in part1, part2 and part3.

Now digging deep into the below, we are going to consider the last few skills.

8)    Oracle fusion middleware:


Oracle which is in the market for long is providing a comprehensive set of products which are now being seamlessly integrated such that it helps you to create, run, and manage business solutions intelligently. Oracle Fusion Middleware is mainly used nowadays as it is very efficient as well as maximizes the processes that need to conducted due to its hot-pluggable architecture. It also is allowing you to make the most of all the investments that are made in applications as well as technology in most of the companies.

Doing the ORACLE FUSION MIDDLEWARE Training from top providers is the key to getting a job in oracle fusion middleware. As each of the needs etc. is being analyzed the main part here is that providing the right training and practical application of the software is a must to get a thorough understanding of the product.

9)    Greenplum:


Greenplum basically is a big data Analytics Company that has its headquarters in San Mateo, California. The Greenplum Database is now widely used and is built on the foundations of open source database which is PostgreSQL. Greenplum mainly works as a data warehouse and is utilizing massively parallel architecture. The Greenplum Database is also partitioned with respect to multiple segment servers with its own set of overall data.

There are quite many benefits of Greenplum training as it helps to enhance all the skills and helps to deploy a Greenplum database. There are many trainers who are providing the services of offering training etc to the users. They will make you experts in the database and learn something out of the box should be encouraged.

10)    Hadoop HDFS and Oozie:


Now in the modern IT world, Hadoop has become quite popular and its effectiveness and ease of use are appreciated. It is also an open source framework that is highly popular with the only aim of making the workflow simpler. The coordination is important between multiple jobs. By using OOZIE the developers, as well as the users of Hadoop, can now fully define all the different actions or jobs which act as an inter-dependency between them. OOZIE takes over from here as the control as well as the job scheduling starts here and various processes, as well as different actions, are all executed along with dependencies that are to be met. You can undertake HADOOP OOZIE Online Training from providers for a career in Oozie.

We have come to the end of the 4-series blog and you can catch up IT jobs with these main skills.


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