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Internet of things: What to focus on – Final Chapter

In our previous blogs, Part 1 and part 2 we have focused on an insight to IoT and what IoT or internet of things is all about. We have discussed briefly how you need to go about learning and what are the prospects of it in real life and how it is changing the world. The last two given you an insight into the most important driving forces of IoT which is Hardware Engineering as well as Networking. Without this two, no software can ever run in this world and cannot work. Let’s delve into the and know more

Hardware Engineering


The moment you hear the word Hardware, only two things pop into your mind that is the computer PC as well as computer parts. But we have so much more as the computer hardware is not classified into so many things and new designs are coming out on daily basis. You can see that the design and the electronics from the heart of the Internet of Things movement. Engineers can to develop new Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity solutions or devices and install them which will be in great demand. The valuable hardware skills that are needed in IoT is AutoCAD drafting, MEMES engineering, wireless sensor design with quality assurance,  Computing devices which are faster and better, processors, embedded systems etc. Hardware technicians will benefit with effective verbal/written communication, razor-sharp soft skills and conflict resolution which they will need into successfully collaborate with design and manufacturing teams in the Internet of things. You can undertake embedded systems training from top web portals.



Nowadays most of the smart devices are all using a wide range of embedded sensors for communication and to interact with the environment. We need to broaden the methods for sending and gathering data from multiple sources. Network pros will be needing all the top-notch skills in design, maintaining and optimizing large-scale traffic across secure, reliable and redundant backbones of networks that connect to different destinations. Having knowledge of typical wireless connections such as 3G, 4G and WPA will be in high demand as the basic understanding of networks is most important. They must also support RFID which is radio frequency identification and emerging wireless protocols like Bluetooth Low Energy etc. Thus, networkers need to provide for the diversity of content and understand what is the underlying application flow will also be vital as they will continue to support critical data which ranges from text messages to audio and video or a combination of all the 3.

Thus, we cannot say that this is an exhaustive list of the marketable skill in the Internet of Things as this will continue to grow as new business challenges and the various technology related breakthroughs will arise. Now you may all want to know what networking courses is all about and where to undertake network administrator certification as well as network training online. You have many websites to provide you just that like dice, Benchfolks etc. and begin your careers as the industry is growing slowly and sharply. All the best and strike huge.




Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 1

Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 1

Internet of things? Internet? Things? For a normal layman, it is Greek and Latin and to all the nerds out there it is something of great interest. Now the combination of both the internet and the technology is so appealing that is all set to revolutionize the internet. Internet of things is one of the best technology trends recently and is poised and bound to explode big time. Knowing the different technologies and mastering the skill sets will help to maximize the salary as well as the marketability in the Internet of Things.

When we say Internet of Things what does it mean? It is nothing but the merger between the physical as well as the digital world. In the IoT as in Internet of Things our daily objects are all embedded with technology such as Wi-Fi, sensors etc. which helps to acquire a unique identity and gain the ability to interact with external environments. These infinite number of networks in the smart devices have promised a range of benefits for the businesses, individuals and the society like increased safety, improved quality of life and reduced work.

Now the IoT revolution is here and many smart objects that range from fitness wearables as well as home appliances are connected to the factories and smart cities overall are also coming online daily. Remember this is only a beginning as the broadband/hardware costs are doing each day and users are going up daily. Fitness wearables which are android powered and are developed by certified java programmers. As per Gartner it has predicted that around 30 billion devices will be on the Internet of Things by 2030 where the products and services of IoT will be generating a minimum of $300 plus billion every year. Get knowledge on java certification at

The big business is all in technology giants such as Cisco, IBM and SAP are all launching the various business units as well as spending billions to grow the infrastructure that is needed. Even big industrial manufactures like Ford, General Electric, Philips are now working overtime to develop the next generation smart devices. Many startups have come out based on IoT and are booming. As these continue to expand we can see that many fast-forward IT professionals are looking to strike big are seeking lucrative careers and job opportunities. We have a few set of skills that are especially sought after in the age of IoT.

Business Intelligence:

Businessman using tablet computer

So many devices such as Desktops, PDA’s mobile phones are all receiving as well as sending so many huge amounts of data and are sending out many raw information thus enhancing the potential of big data. We will be having many big organizations who will be gathering, storing and analyzing that data and will analyze the smart device data streams for intelligence. Many business intelligence specialists have skills in data center management, sensor data and predictive analysis as well as programming skills in the leading big data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL etc. which will be ideal to meet the demands. You can also undertake any advanced business intelligence courses online.

Also, the most important part which is strong business acumen will be main judging block as the BI executives will be given tasks to burgeon the Internet of Things.

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