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Scrum: the bridge in career between creativity and technology

Scrum: the bridge in career between creativity and technology

Scrum is an Agile Framework which uses management and control process for completing complex projects. Scrum is basically very simple and has been originally used to formalize software development projects.It also works quite well for any complex or any innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless for Scrum as it helps to cut through complexity and helps to focus on building software that meets the requirement and business needs. We can say that SCRUM has revolutionized the face of software development and projects. With a combination of Agile and Scrum we can say that it has increased the demand for IT professionals who have an understanding of both the methodology and  areas .

Scrum is said to be a proven methodology. It can be applied to a number of projects and teams as a successful agile and scrum model. Management and teams are able to go through requirements and technologies and are able to deliver working software in incremental way. It helps to increases productivity and reduces time that can be used effectively for other processes. Scrum processes also enable many organizations to adjust smoothly where there are rapidly-changing requirements and will help to produce a product that meets evolving business goals of each company. 

Scrum is used by most of the fortune 500 companies. If you are new to Scrum then you must be knowing about a role called as ScrumMaster. The ScrumMaster is said to the team’s coach and help other practitioners achieve their highest level of performance in the team. He is different in comparison to a traditional project Manager in many ways. He does not assign daily tasks, day to day direction to the team, meetings and reviews etc. 

The Scrum Master mainly focuses on helping the team be the best. Here the product owner also works to direct the team to the right goal by setting proper boundaries. The product owner creates a challenging vision of the product and conveys the vision to the team effectively. The Scrum team Members are the other major stakeholders in the project who will help to build the product effectively by using the various metrics and software tools and technologies.  

So beginning your career as a Scrum master/team member is something that is sought after in all the companies. As a opt/cpt student you can learn the basics of Scrum and apply for certifications in order to gain expertise. You can refer to our opt/cpt job portal and apply for jobs across various locations in the US.  There are many fresher openings for Scrum team members.  

US citizens and H1-B visa holders can refer to for all professional and experienced jobs in the US across multiple locations based on experience. You need to register first and then apply for the jobs posted. You can apply for scrum master jobs who have proper certification and join dream companies and jobs with high packages. The Scrum certification will validate the ability of the professional to work across diverse project management tools and techniques in a company.So what are you waiting for? Get into Scrum and enjoy exciting career offers.  

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First blog post

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