Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part2

In our previous article, we have given the top 10 IT skills that can be learned and we have summarized one important skill. If you have not read the blog you can read them.

These set of skills are most wanted in the market right now in the US and mastering these will surely fetch you a job and we will proceed now about the skills

2) IBM WebSphere MQ:


Many companies are using IBM WebSphere MQ to enable multiple applications to communicate easily at different time intervals and in many computing environments which are diverse. Since IBM WebSphere MQ can handle multiple processors at once such as the operating systems, its corresponding subsystems as well as the communication protocols that it encounters while transfer of messages. Even is the connection or the processor is not available or is temporarily down then it can queue up the message and forward it once you go online. It is like the Gmail feature that is available where the user can use certain features offline.

Since it is a messaging and mainly a queueing middleware which is the point to point as well as publishing software it can be used by multiple users at one time over many subscribers over a multicast too. You can learn how to use WebSphere MQ Admin from a beginner’s point of view as well as the advanced techniques which are taught by very experienced trainers as well as working professionals. With the advanced IBM Websphere MQ training, you will get to learn all the concepts in an expert manner as well as in a practical manner.

3) Storage area network:


Storage Area Network (SAN) is said to be a dedicated network that is used to provide access to a large amount of consolidated as well as block level data storages of high-level data. These SANs are also primarily used so that it helps people to make storage devices like tape devices, operating systems and mainly disk arrays. They can also be accessible to multiple servers and we will feel that the devices are attached locally to our OS but it is remote. Since SAN has its own network of many storage devices it may not be accessible through a local LAN by other devices. In the late 2000’s the cost of SAN ‘s also decreased to considerable amounts and thus was used and adopted by many small as well as large enterprises worldwide. It is quite feasible in the long run and managing it is easy.

If you are passionate about networks and want an alternate and good career you can take up storage area network training from many leading portals such as benchfolks and dice where they have updated and current courses which are being taught by industry experts. You can even take up SAN certification too to up your market value. The jobs in this segment are increasing steadily in the US as more number of SAN’s are being implemented in the market since it is secured.

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Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part1

Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part1

IT is growing in leaps and bounds and we are here to help you to focus on some of the top 10 skills that are in most demand and which will fetch you good jobs once you take proper IT training courses from online portals or classroom based teachings. The skills are focused on professional development and the courses are all very much in demand and you will know how digital revolution is bringing the education to all the masses all around the globe. Online training is the best example for the previous statement as it connects one corner of the world to the other. It is also helping two companies to work bilaterally through the internet.

Previously colleges as well as universities are very much focusing on higher learning and were providing enough for all the passionate individuals out there but now education has taken a stand where nothing is quite enough and the person is made to become dependent on other sources to gain knowledge. This is where several learning initiatives are growing and a new generation is getting evolved and is also being successful.

If you think that money is the only thing that is holding you back from mastering any technology, then here is some good news for you. There are many places that teach you online for free which are not certificate driven but will help you to do the courses and learn things in a better way. If you are interested in taking up business analyst course and want to know where it is found then you can utilize the web and learn from many online as well as e-tutorials, video tutorials too. There may be many paid courses too for your use but in case you want to take up a certification then it will be paid only and you can take training for free and you can learn new technologies and add to your skill set. The end of all the struggle is a well-paying job that you can get at the end.

Let us now focus on what are those 10 skill sets that are in high demand in the market right now in the US.

1)    Big Data Hadoop and MapReduce

2)    IBM Websphere MQ

3)    storage area network

4)    JBoss 8 wildly administration

5)    Weblogic

6)    Cassandra

7)    Oracle Demantra

8)    Oracle fusion middleware

9)    Greenplum

10)    Hadoop HDFS and Oozie

We will be focusing on each one of the above in our blogs that will be coming next.

Big Data Hadoop and MapReduce:


Hadoop and MapReduce are both very important and we can say that MapReduce is said to be the heart of Hadoop. It is said to be a programming paradigm that can be implemented for massive scalability which can be used across hundreds or thousands of servers which are all present in a Hadoop cluster. MapReduce, as well as Hadoop concepts, are simple as well as easy to understand for those who are familiar with clustering as well as for large-scale data processing solutions. You can undertake HADOOP MAPREDUCE Online Training from many providers.

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Internet of things: What to focus on – Final Chapter

In our previous blogs, Part 1 and part 2 we have focused on an insight to IoT and what IoT or internet of things is all about. We have discussed briefly how you need to go about learning and what are the prospects of it in real life and how it is changing the world. The last two given you an insight into the most important driving forces of IoT which is Hardware Engineering as well as Networking. Without this two, no software can ever run in this world and cannot work. Let’s delve into the and know more

Hardware Engineering


The moment you hear the word Hardware, only two things pop into your mind that is the computer PC as well as computer parts. But we have so much more as the computer hardware is not classified into so many things and new designs are coming out on daily basis. You can see that the design and the electronics from the heart of the Internet of Things movement. Engineers can to develop new Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity solutions or devices and install them which will be in great demand. The valuable hardware skills that are needed in IoT is AutoCAD drafting, MEMES engineering, wireless sensor design with quality assurance,  Computing devices which are faster and better, processors, embedded systems etc. Hardware technicians will benefit with effective verbal/written communication, razor-sharp soft skills and conflict resolution which they will need into successfully collaborate with design and manufacturing teams in the Internet of things. You can undertake embedded systems training from top web portals.



Nowadays most of the smart devices are all using a wide range of embedded sensors for communication and to interact with the environment. We need to broaden the methods for sending and gathering data from multiple sources. Network pros will be needing all the top-notch skills in design, maintaining and optimizing large-scale traffic across secure, reliable and redundant backbones of networks that connect to different destinations. Having knowledge of typical wireless connections such as 3G, 4G and WPA will be in high demand as the basic understanding of networks is most important. They must also support RFID which is radio frequency identification and emerging wireless protocols like Bluetooth Low Energy etc. Thus, networkers need to provide for the diversity of content and understand what is the underlying application flow will also be vital as they will continue to support critical data which ranges from text messages to audio and video or a combination of all the 3.

Thus, we cannot say that this is an exhaustive list of the marketable skill in the Internet of Things as this will continue to grow as new business challenges and the various technology related breakthroughs will arise. Now you may all want to know what networking courses is all about and where to undertake network administrator certification as well as network training online. You have many websites to provide you just that like dice, Benchfolks etc. and begin your careers as the industry is growing slowly and sharply. All the best and strike huge.




Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 2

In our previous blog Internet of Things part 1 we have given you an insight into what Internet of things is all about and the technologies. You can focus on these and get an insight about IoT.

We have discussed the first important thing that was Business Intelligence and the next one to be discussed is about Information Security.

Information Security


This is said to be the most of be filled talent gaps among the existing IT workforce. There are plenty of cyber security specialists who are the most sought after today after the growth of the IP-enables devices that are increasing the complexity. The potential exploits and the privacy concerns of the web are more exposed now and solving it is very important. Can someone hack into your smart fridge and gain access to the entire network?  Yes, it is entirely possible and can hack easily thus the IT security professionals can stop that from happening. They are said to be skilled in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, ethical hacking, PKI (public key infrastructure) security as well as wireless network security. So, therefore, they can mitigate the risks and evaluate the required privacy policies and correct them. Since the knowledge of data ethics and the policies is there it can help the individual to advance his/her career in information security.

UI / UX Design


The various screens such as PC, smartphone, and tablets all come in rectangles. The various objects in the Internet of Things come in all shapes and sizes. The screen will be varied and may be in small or big screens. While some may have a display, some may not have a display at all. So, the talented UI/UX designers will be hot cakes as the IoT providers will continuously strive to build and deploy effective, cost-friendly and user-friendly interfaces despite the shift in paradigms. The skills which as marketable for UI/UX designers in IoT are responsive web design which means that the visuals will dynamically adjust as per the screen size, platform and the orientation and the Service design which means human-centered design approach that is intuitive and will guide the users through very complex services. You can undertake google training courses and java programming training from top portals to train as well as to make careers.

Mobile Development


As told above since UI/UX design is paving a way to creating new kind of awareness across multiple platforms you can say that many of our smart objects will be controlled with mobile devices. The devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables are all driving additional demand for the mobile application development job role across the world. The most in demand are Apple as well as Android OS as they demand the most jobs and these two platforms account for over 95% of total mobile devices in the entire US circulations with a very neck to neck market share at 45% each share.

Now digging further deeper those who are the experienced professionals and the one who have the experience of developing mobile apps is the most sought after especially after the proliferating Internet of Things workforce. You can undertake mobile app development course online across many portals such as Benchfolks as well as dice.

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Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 1

Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 1

Internet of things? Internet? Things? For a normal layman, it is Greek and Latin and to all the nerds out there it is something of great interest. Now the combination of both the internet and the technology is so appealing that is all set to revolutionize the internet. Internet of things is one of the best technology trends recently and is poised and bound to explode big time. Knowing the different technologies and mastering the skill sets will help to maximize the salary as well as the marketability in the Internet of Things.

When we say Internet of Things what does it mean? It is nothing but the merger between the physical as well as the digital world. In the IoT as in Internet of Things our daily objects are all embedded with technology such as Wi-Fi, sensors etc. which helps to acquire a unique identity and gain the ability to interact with external environments. These infinite number of networks in the smart devices have promised a range of benefits for the businesses, individuals and the society like increased safety, improved quality of life and reduced work.

Now the IoT revolution is here and many smart objects that range from fitness wearables as well as home appliances are connected to the factories and smart cities overall are also coming online daily. Remember this is only a beginning as the broadband/hardware costs are doing each day and users are going up daily. Fitness wearables which are android powered and are developed by certified java programmers. As per Gartner it has predicted that around 30 billion devices will be on the Internet of Things by 2030 where the products and services of IoT will be generating a minimum of $300 plus billion every year. Get knowledge on java certification at

The big business is all in technology giants such as Cisco, IBM and SAP are all launching the various business units as well as spending billions to grow the infrastructure that is needed. Even big industrial manufactures like Ford, General Electric, Philips are now working overtime to develop the next generation smart devices. Many startups have come out based on IoT and are booming. As these continue to expand we can see that many fast-forward IT professionals are looking to strike big are seeking lucrative careers and job opportunities. We have a few set of skills that are especially sought after in the age of IoT.

Business Intelligence:

Businessman using tablet computer

So many devices such as Desktops, PDA’s mobile phones are all receiving as well as sending so many huge amounts of data and are sending out many raw information thus enhancing the potential of big data. We will be having many big organizations who will be gathering, storing and analyzing that data and will analyze the smart device data streams for intelligence. Many business intelligence specialists have skills in data center management, sensor data and predictive analysis as well as programming skills in the leading big data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL etc. which will be ideal to meet the demands. You can also undertake any advanced business intelligence courses online.

Also, the most important part which is strong business acumen will be main judging block as the BI executives will be given tasks to burgeon the Internet of Things.

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Know The Future Scope Of Web Development: PHP

Know The Future Scope Of Web Development: PHP

In such chaos of the software industry which is moving at lightning speed, many are befuddled to know as what is going to be the future of web application development. It is said to be the best open source programming language till date and is said to be on the web in the form of blogs, websites etc. The backbone for many frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel etc is PHP which is powering most of the huge websites in the market of blogs and content.

PHP is said to be one of the most popular programming languages which is open source and it said to power almost 40% of the all the websites worldwide. PHP is still going to grow strong for the next decade and is growing at fast rates thanks to so many additions like OOPS, inclusion of frameworks such as CakePHP, Laravel etc. It is said to be the most flexible in nature which is also very scalable, extensible, and stable. Thousands of CMS websites are fully dependent on PHP.  Learn php course to develop applications.

The main plus point of PHP are:

  • Readily available internet applications which are present at large bases.
  • Plenty of open source projects with large support communities, features.
  • excellent, commercially supported applications like Wikipedia, SugarCRM.
  • Object-oriented programming features were added and integration of MYSQL and XML.
  • Speed, performance, and stability.

Open source technologies see huge changes every day and choosing the right technology will help you to do better in your career. Since most of the present websites need PHP and related frameworks, PHP is the hot choice to stay relevant. You can see many job postings based on geographical locations on website New requirements are added every day and it’s better if you register get the postings to your profile. Choosing the right path for a good future is the key for a good career.

To get best job on PHP domain, attend PHP training courses at where you can gain your skills and knowledge. The future of PHP is stable and it may grow or it may fall. With frameworks, such as Yii, CakePHP, Magento, Zend, Laravel getting popular demand for PHP developers will also be on the rise. Web based projects which are based on such frameworks are also on the rise. Knowing the current releases is also necessary. The skills that increase the pay the most are the knowledge of frameworks and Dynamic HTML (DHTML). The future is here at PHP and begin your careers with php development.


Three ways to get into a new job successfully

Three ways to get into a new job successfully

Once the individual is getting into the job they must prove themselves that genuinely they are interested with the job. And show the eagerness to become the valuable member in the organization.

Get to know about the job and the team 

When joining the new job, you may have lots of questions to ask which must be answered as it makes the individuality free from anxiety. The new joiner must not be inadequate for the job and he/she must learn the job and do the work correctly. The individuals have to know the right person to get the guidance. You should also have the knowledge to have contact with supervisors in case of any doubts and have to approach the other knowledgeable employees in case of supervisor’s absence. You should make sure that you ask the questions and also have the habit of taking notes to avoid the repeated questions. While meeting, someone make sure to wish the co-workers. A smiling will also bring a good appearance of your friendly nature.

Recognize the office politics 

If an individual must get full experience about the job, then you must make use of to get into the IT job with the top corporates. After getting into the new job make friends and get to know the co-workers and fit according to the work culture. Understand the work culture and act according to the others who move on with you. Get to know the uncomfortable spots so what the individual can avoid them and make their surface a smoother one. Don’t get into any altercations with the colleagues for any issues and solve the issues amicably when you get into such encounters.  Take proper IT training to enter into the field.

Cram some finer points 

While speaking about the finer points make sure you have learnt the basics of the job such that you can get to know the personal preference of the supervisors and the companies’ norms according to it. Find the requirements of the company to reach successful positions soon. This is to achieve great heights in future. This will help the individual to set their own goals and give the pre-warning of the pitfalls. Move smoothly with the fellow employees and treat everyone with respect while demonstrating the interest in your job. This leads to the increased chances of successful rate in the company’s growth as well the individual’s growth.

This not only suits with any job profile but also during the practical training which is done by the students while doing their graduation or after their graduation. You can find OPT jobs using the This helps the students to find the appropriate OPT jobs. While speaking about the Opt the same procedure will be the same as professional jobs as the students will be entering into the new OPT job. But this student will get some experience during the OPT. Start searching for career websites that give you option to find best job opportunities.