The 10 most stressful jobs in the tech industry – Final chapter

In my two previous blogs, I have mentioned how people are too stressful nowadays and we are here to analyze which is the most stressful among all and which of the job roles are more challenging among the others. For all latest online IT certification courses as well as training courses you can all refer to portals like and choose from the list based on the location.

5) Network and Computer systems administrator:


These jobs are growing as fast and they can that the other jobs and there are predictions that they might increase up to 10% by the end of 2020 and it has not stopped by being one of the most stressful jobs in the tech field. They are responsible for all the operations of technical networks for companies and a network as well as a computer systems administrator earns an average of $75,000 per year. You can take up system administrator certification or network administrator certification and get into it if you have a passion towards networking and want to make a career out of it.

6) Computer systems analyst:


They are responsible for studying all the computer systems at the company and all the procedures around the IT industry or the company so as to increase the efficiency. It is also said to one of the most stressful jobs in IT especially if you see that there are more businesses that are happening around you and are relying on fast changing technology. According to analysts computer systems analyst jobs are said to grow by at least 25% by the year 2020 which is much faster than most of the industries and the average salary for this job is easily around $85,000 per year. You can take up Certified Business Analysis Professional training from training providers who are out there to give you the best training.

7) Computer programmer:


Now this is one generalized term that is given to all the coding type of jobs that is given out and the industry is moving quite fast and keeping up with the speed and the unforgiving boom and bust cycles may become too much to handle for many. Many of the skills go stale overnight and most of the IT careers are not all that signing bonuses, tables or just beanbag chairs. The life of a job in IT programmer job through the years is quite tough and very demanding and stressful. Just taking up training and a job is not enough. You must put your hard-earned skills into reality and into projects and the growth for this career is growing at 30% every year and to stay up to date and relevant take IBM Websphere MQ training or something that is current.

We have seen some of the professions which are quite stressful and demanding and choosing any of them is also said to one of the most demanding and challenging roles among all. Choosing the career wisely is the key and having a stress free mindset is also very important.

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The 10 most stressful jobs in the tech industry – Part 2

In previous blog stressful jobs part- 1, you can see how people are stressful in their jobs truly are and that we are here to analyze the top jobs that are most stressful among all. For latest IT training courses online you can refer to multiple portals for all your needs such as and choose from the list of training providers.

We were discussing the first and the most important profile of a web developer. The average salary for a web developer was $70,000 per year and for entry level profiles it is much lesser and the typical entry worker will be having a degree on hand. Take Cassandra training from top portals.

2) Technical Writer role:


The next role on the list is the technical writer and the prediction is that there will be growth by 10% by the year 2024 and the average salary is pegged at $69,000 per year and the average entry-level technical writer must at least have a Bachelor’s degree. It is a full-time job that required you to work closely with the engineers and develop manuals, journal articles and how to guide people on setting up the product etc. Choosing the right words and deadlines is the main contention here and the changing requirements and last minute changes can be a deterrent sometimes.

3) Data Scientist:


Data has exploded in the past few years and it has left many businesses to hire more data professionals and they face a lack of well-qualified candidates. They are left scrambling for more and this skill is very new that we don’t even have the data to say what this role actually requires. Since a need for professionals has arisen there is a potential 10-year growth for this role with 20% increase. The median salary that can be given is around $125,000 per year and upwards. It is challenging as well as one of the most stressful because deadlines may be more and exact templates and prototypes are not there as the market is only evolving now. You can take up Hadoop NoSQL online training that will be related to this role and begin careers if you are passionate about Data.

4) Service Technicians:


With the rise in technology comes the need to troubleshoot and fix the systems and computers along with fixing the other devices at work. It is no surprise that the computer service technician is topping the list among most of the stressful tech jobs among all and this role will definitely grow by 15% at least by the year 2024 with an average salary of $50,000 at least. They also face the brunt of the customers and are on the receiving end always. Most of the time when things go wrong and when they go to fix it they face the choicest abuses and the reputation is at stake. You can undertake courses for networking for joining this stream.

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The 10 most stressful jobs in the tech industry – Part 1

The 10 most stressful jobs in the tech industry – Part 1

Most of the people all over the world do have a job that is stressful at times and there are any more who have more stressful jobs than others. Our team has polled our readers to find out which are the most stressful jobs in the tech industry right now. Almost it is true that to survive in the tech industry one must be very competitive and in order to shine and to outdo others we set deadlines and rush towards completing the goal and in the process get a lot of stress and sometimes it leads to failure or a success.

In the tech industry there is a high demand which is mostly met by a lack of talent and then the end result is where the departments are all understaffed and there is a lack of support too in many upcoming fields such as big data, mobile development, and security. To bridge the lack of talent many employers can take the help of trainers who can provide IT courses online with certification assistance to fill the skill gaps. Even portals such as can be used to update your knowledge in all the current skill sets.

Now coming back to our main topic for most of the people having a stressful job is not an issue at all and for the others, it may be quite draining and also life threatening issue. Many succumb to the pressure and break down and various studies show that stress at work can shorten the user’s lifespan and cause health issues. Physical health gets affected and there is a constant preoccupation with the various job responsibilities that will lead to erratic eating habits with no proper exercise resulting in weight gain, high BP, and elevated cholesterol levels and decreased immunity. A loss of mental energy happens and it can stem up with a negative working environment or from a stressful job which can lead to cynical attitude and depression. There is even a field called as clinical research for such kind of issues to be tracked where clinical research training online is provided which is very much up-coming.

Now here is a list of the most stressful and the least stressful jobs for the year across the industry and there are 10 jobs that are listed here and the stress factors that are included here are the amount of travel, growth, hazards that are encountered, deadlines, working in public eye, competitiveness, demands such as physical as well as mental, environmental conditions, meeting the public or clients, own life at work as well as others lives. The stress score was decided based on the ratings on each of the factors that are mentioned above.

1)    Web Developer:


Now coming to the top contender of the list which is the most stressful IT job is Web Developer which may be associated with its rapid growth and the jobs in this category are expected to grow by at least 30 percent by the year 2025 which is must faster than the average. People who hold PHP developer certification commanded more salaries.

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Top 5 career tips from a High-Flying Woman – Part 2

In our previous blog, Career Tips Part 1 here we have mentioned how women must keep their head high and make good progress in their careers or job in this jet-setting world. Now, these women are the driving force in many companies across all sectors and it’s a huge salute to feminism and to girl power. They are contributing to all the sectors and are playing vital roles from a kitchen to a board room. So, we have analyzed a few high-flying women and have devised a set of tips for all the other women to follow suit and have a jet setting career.

4) Never ever give up. Yes, it is tough for a woman to have a jet-setting career especially if she has a family and all but never lose hope. If you are interested in coding and want to make up a career in the IT field all you need to do is to learn ajax online or take up any current training courses like PHP, java etc.  and work on it. Many of the successful people to have failed numerous times before they found success and always remember that perseverance is the key when it comes to success. Never be afraid to face a failure and let it be the stepping stone to our success. If you keep learning and not repeating the same mistakes and try harder than nothing can stop you from achieving. There will be many twists and turns in your pathway but keep your eyes only on the prize and know that for each step that you make you are closer to your goal.

5) Also, help the other women who are other there and let other women too to help you out. If you are just getting started on your goal then get yourself a good mentor who is a female in the same industry. If you are already in the mid-career or for further along then become the mentor and guide someone else who is in more need than you and for passing on the skills that you have learned. You may give training in business management for the next one who is fresher or who is going to take your seat as you are scaling more heights if you are in the business management for long and you real time inputs in the particular seat will definitely help the successor. So, in whichever boat, you travel in you must be in a position to learn also teach as the relationship must be beneficial at the end of the day.  As a Women, we need to boost each other up from time to time. Since the opposite-sex mentorships also work out pretty well but the same-sex mentoring relationships are said to be much more empowering because as a woman we tend not to feel threatened by the presence of other women, and thus can help each other to promote one another.

Top 5 career tips from a High-Flying Woman – Part 1

Top 5 career tips from a High-Flying Woman – Part 1

In today’s jet-setting rocket world women are playing a vital force or a part of the workforce and many have prominent roles in most of the industries from the male-dominated physical jobs to IT jobs. There are many files and areas that these women are growing and the representation is complete by women including architecture to civil engineering, law, and medicine to law enforcement.

This month also marks the 30th anniversary of National Women’s History month that the congress had passed in the year 1987. In honor of all the women out there putting their hard works and energy into building the better future here, we are giving you some tips from the high-flying women.

1) Keep looking out for the best jobs and opportunities. Back to the time of our parents, they used to work on one job and profile till they retire and not learn much. But today it is not the case they take proper IT training and then work for a job and it is not stopped there. They proceed on to get a minimum of 8 careers in their entire lifetime and not just jobs or careers but also paths. Never settle down for something that is already there and keep your eyes open for the best opportunities and doesn’t turn blind. The world is huge and you have plenty of growth and the scope to keep up with all the latest trend etc. You can find many jobs in various sectors that are recruiting women.

2) Become successful on your own and come up with your own definition to it. Even if you have people saying that you have made it to the peak and are the best do not ever take their word for granted. You must always ask yourself as to what you want from your career or your life and must aim for it. The definition of success is quite different for each person and someone who is successful in building applications can dream of taking a certification like an asp .net certification if she does not have and aim for more. Everyone wants to be a manager but they themselves may aim for higher positions or may want to become a boss.

3) You must love your work and it is very important to do so. Only if you are passionate to do your job you will feel like going to work every day. You must find out what you actually love and it may take a while for you. You must be able to work on being the best in the field whether it be medicine, engineering, auto design or anything and do not waste time doing the things that will not contribute towards your final goal and remember you must also be able to take a step back when things are not working in your favor like doing an unpaid internship, part time job etc. before moving forward with your lives.

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Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Final Chapter

Here we are with the final chapter of the top 10 IT skills that you can learn to get good jobs. In the US, the evolution of new technologies and the application of them to the real world is faster and better than the rest of the world and you need to keep up with the rest and do well. Doing something niche is the key to survival and changing and mastering new technologies is like food to the soul of you. Staying in touch with learning and evolving is necessary to survive in the IT industry.

Read the skills explained in part1, part2 and part3.

Now digging deep into the below, we are going to consider the last few skills.

8)    Oracle fusion middleware:


Oracle which is in the market for long is providing a comprehensive set of products which are now being seamlessly integrated such that it helps you to create, run, and manage business solutions intelligently. Oracle Fusion Middleware is mainly used nowadays as it is very efficient as well as maximizes the processes that need to conducted due to its hot-pluggable architecture. It also is allowing you to make the most of all the investments that are made in applications as well as technology in most of the companies.

Doing the ORACLE FUSION MIDDLEWARE Training from top providers is the key to getting a job in oracle fusion middleware. As each of the needs etc. is being analyzed the main part here is that providing the right training and practical application of the software is a must to get a thorough understanding of the product.

9)    Greenplum:


Greenplum basically is a big data Analytics Company that has its headquarters in San Mateo, California. The Greenplum Database is now widely used and is built on the foundations of open source database which is PostgreSQL. Greenplum mainly works as a data warehouse and is utilizing massively parallel architecture. The Greenplum Database is also partitioned with respect to multiple segment servers with its own set of overall data.

There are quite many benefits of Greenplum training as it helps to enhance all the skills and helps to deploy a Greenplum database. There are many trainers who are providing the services of offering training etc to the users. They will make you experts in the database and learn something out of the box should be encouraged.

10)    Hadoop HDFS and Oozie:


Now in the modern IT world, Hadoop has become quite popular and its effectiveness and ease of use are appreciated. It is also an open source framework that is highly popular with the only aim of making the workflow simpler. The coordination is important between multiple jobs. By using OOZIE the developers, as well as the users of Hadoop, can now fully define all the different actions or jobs which act as an inter-dependency between them. OOZIE takes over from here as the control as well as the job scheduling starts here and various processes, as well as different actions, are all executed along with dependencies that are to be met. You can undertake HADOOP OOZIE Online Training from providers for a career in Oozie.

We have come to the end of the 4-series blog and you can catch up IT jobs with these main skills.

Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part3

In our two previous blogs part1 and part2, we have discussed Big Data Hadoop and MapReduce, IBM Websphere MQ and about storage area network. These are the set of top 10 skills that you can learn to get well-paying jobs. Learning a new and exciting set of skills will increase your chances of staying in the US for more time and doing niche skills and upgrading yourself is the key. The need for training also arises here and staying up to date is the best thing ever.

Let us now consider the following

4)    JBoss 8 wildly administration:


JBoss was developed by a subsidiary of Red Hat Inc. The JBoss Application server is an open-source alternative to existing solutions in the market such as IBM WebSphere and SAP NetWeaver. It fully depends on Sun Microsystems JavaBeans API for its working functionality. This is mostly focused on the business architecture of the server and most of the systems are developed on EJB. You need not do unnecessary programming and coding such that it helps to connect the various working parts. In 2014 the JBoss Application server was renamed as wildfly.

Since it is lightweight as well a cloud-friendly it is powerful enough to be used in enterprises and can be featured as a middleware portfolio as it helps to accelerate the application development as well as the deployment, integration, and automation. You can do JBoss administration training from top leading portals and apply for jobs.

5)    Weblogic:


The Oracle WebLogic Server is said to be the industry’s best application server for a building as well as for deploying enterprise Java EE applications. With its support for the new features that were introduced as well as for lowering the cost of operations, scalability as well as for improving performance you can all use WebLogic.

Nowadays WebLogic is one of the most leading e-commerce related online transaction processing (OLTP) platforms which was developed with the main aim of connecting the users all over in a distributed environment and such that it can help for the integration of mainframe applications along with the diverse and distributed set of corporate data and applications. You can undertake oracle WebLogic training from e-portals.

6)    Cassandra:


Apache Cassandra is a very scalable and a high-performance oriented database that is distributed and capable of handling large amounts of data. It provides high availability across its many commodity servers with no single point of failure. It is also a type of NoSQL database. It is a clear winner and many companies such as Apple, eBay, Uber, Comcast etc. are using it to minimize the losses and Apache Cassandra is looking forward for the second release with its new version.

If you are interested in databases and are looking forward to learning more you can undertake apache Cassandra training and get certified to get better prospects of a job.

Read the final chapter for the last 3 skills that you can think of for getting good jobs in the US.