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Why Haven’t You Begun Your Job Search Yet As A Citizen?

Why Haven’t You Begun Your Job Search Yet As A Citizen?

The economy is improving a lot in the US right now and more doors have opened up in the form of international job opportunities for us citizens and local jobs. Thanks to the unending number of jobs and the unemployment rate in IT remains dramatically low since long. Developers, engineers, and security specialists are in high demand right now and for tech professionals, it would seem like an ideal time to look for a new job, so why hesitate or wait.

Thanks to the speculation of visa jobs etc. many US citizens only jobs have propped up everywhere where priority is given to people who are citizens and this is what the new president wants which is part of his quest to serve Americans first and there are many people who are happy with this decision.

The reasons may vary as the recruiters suggest and there are many people who are happy with what they have and there are many who have kept their skills intact and current and have worked on cutting edge projects which have a genuine business impact and which will stay in place thus many are foregoing many international jobs for us citizens to increase their salary and experience. No matter how favorable the conditions seem to be there are many who refuse to send their resume out or put a word to their network.

There are many cases where people trip themselves in their quest for getting perfect everything’s. There are many who want an exact and best company with the best pay, benefits, location, people etc. and there are many who are revising their resumes forever by believing that they need to draft some more till they get the document up to some optimal points. There are many who are endlessly waiting for the perfect time to make a move like for example they wait for their next bonus to come through or wait until their current project gets completed.

The risks however of falling in such patterns are obvious and you will remain in your current job possible for a long-time past when it would have been right for you to leave. While the economy seems to be gaining some strength now at many points in the future it may change and the candidate is driven job market will be reverting to the one where the employees seem to have an advantage.

This is called as a quasi-job search where you will be perpetually thinking of moving out and not actively looking which can be quite distracting. There are many people who may end up in a long and frustrating process thus neglecting the things that are more important now such as their health, work, and company.

What to do now? Does all think to look and sound familiar and is it ringing a bell? If you want to make a move that will remain stalled in your efforts you need to take a pause and make an honest and self-reflective look at your situation.

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