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Data Center Networking: It’s Evolving nature over the years? – Final Part

In my three previous blogs, I have mentioned how data centers have evolved over the years and how with each progressing day there has been a major shift when it comes to simplifying data and data networking. Not many know that with each progressing day there is a major shift aimed to simplify and automate the provisioning of resources. I have mentioned how many firms are undergoing a metamorphosis of change by considering some of the next generation technologies and tools in networks and the vendors. We also saw Now you can also be in touch with all the latest networking technology related IT training courses.

We have seen how Arista is emerging to be the top and though it is one of the newest players when you compare with the other vendors that will be discussed below. This should be enough for an organization to look out for the available options and outweigh them against existing equipment’s and future that the company is heading to.

2) Cisco: This has been around for a pretty long time and the company has been the market leader in many of the networking categories for long and data center networking is not an exception. Since it is present in all parts of the network you can find a huge amount of available options across all the network sizes from enterprise to home. Take networking courses now on Benchfolks.

A Higher number of options can be both good and bad when it comes to making a purchase decision as there are so many available options and you must be subjective enough. Cisco also offers documentation of the designs and several are mainly focused on the data center. The next line of switches is mainly focused on the data center and is central to medium and large sized corporation’s solutions. They are also providing a management solution for both the Nexus-based and a SAN (Storage Area Networking) technologies. Get San storage certification to get a job as a SAN expert.

It also has the capability to integrate with OpenStack and VMware’s vCloud Director. Cisco unlike its counterparts ventured late into SDN market but took over quickly outpacing its rivals by following different strategies and paths. Cisco, however, has one disadvantage, that is it tends to have an expensive solution which may lead other companies to select other cheaper options.

3) Dell: Dell is also one of the top networking vendors which are also attempting to gear up and gain on lead with respect to its competitors. One of the main advantages we can say is that it is well known in many different sectors and because of this it has both the name and reputations of being flexible and competent on an enterprise level. Since it also provides the company with an ability to tie in solutions from many different sectors into one to increase the savings.

Dell has basically two networking product lines just for its data center networking. The first will run on Dell’s propriety network OS and the second is basically designed to be open to run on different supported OS from other networks.

Changes are inevitable in data center networking and there are many who will smile and cringe thinking of how to manage the changes or make the changes themselves. The bottom line here is that data center networking is undergoing a huge metamorphosis of change and has been static for long. It is time to change and those who fight against it will be washed away in the market. If u haven’t read other 3 blogs you can click here. For training, you can now check out http://e-learning.benchfolks.com for all latest courses.

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Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part1

Top 10 IT skills that you can learn – Part1

IT is growing in leaps and bounds and we are here to help you to focus on some of the top 10 skills that are in most demand and which will fetch you good jobs once you take proper IT training courses from online portals or classroom based teachings. The skills are focused on professional development and the courses are all very much in demand and you will know how digital revolution is bringing the education to all the masses all around the globe. Online training is the best example for the previous statement as it connects one corner of the world to the other. It is also helping two companies to work bilaterally through the internet.

Previously colleges as well as universities are very much focusing on higher learning and were providing enough for all the passionate individuals out there but now education has taken a stand where nothing is quite enough and the person is made to become dependent on other sources to gain knowledge. This is where several learning initiatives are growing and a new generation is getting evolved and is also being successful.

If you think that money is the only thing that is holding you back from mastering any technology, then here is some good news for you. There are many places that teach you online for free which are not certificate driven but will help you to do the courses and learn things in a better way. If you are interested in taking up business analyst course and want to know where it is found then you can utilize the web and learn from many online as well as e-tutorials, video tutorials too. There may be many paid courses too for your use but in case you want to take up a certification then it will be paid only and you can take training for free and you can learn new technologies and add to your skill set. The end of all the struggle is a well-paying job that you can get at the end.

Let us now focus on what are those 10 skill sets that are in high demand in the market right now in the US.

1)    Big Data Hadoop and MapReduce

2)    IBM Websphere MQ

3)    storage area network

4)    JBoss 8 wildly administration

5)    Weblogic

6)    Cassandra

7)    Oracle Demantra

8)    Oracle fusion middleware

9)    Greenplum

10)    Hadoop HDFS and Oozie

We will be focusing on each one of the above in our blogs that will be coming next.

Big Data Hadoop and MapReduce:


Hadoop and MapReduce are both very important and we can say that MapReduce is said to be the heart of Hadoop. It is said to be a programming paradigm that can be implemented for massive scalability which can be used across hundreds or thousands of servers which are all present in a Hadoop cluster. MapReduce, as well as Hadoop concepts, are simple as well as easy to understand for those who are familiar with clustering as well as for large-scale data processing solutions. You can undertake HADOOP MAPREDUCE Online Training from many providers.

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