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Top 5 career tips from a High-Flying Woman – Part 2

In our previous blog, Career Tips Part 1 here we have mentioned how women must keep their head high and make good progress in their careers or job in this jet-setting world. Now, these women are the driving force in many companies across all sectors and it’s a huge salute to feminism and to girl power. They are contributing to all the sectors and are playing vital roles from a kitchen to a board room. So, we have analyzed a few high-flying women and have devised a set of tips for all the other women to follow suit and have a jet setting career.

4) Never ever give up. Yes, it is tough for a woman to have a jet-setting career especially if she has a family and all but never lose hope. If you are interested in coding and want to make up a career in the IT field all you need to do is to learn ajax online or take up any current training courses like PHP, java etc.  and work on it. Many of the successful people to have failed numerous times before they found success and always remember that perseverance is the key when it comes to success. Never be afraid to face a failure and let it be the stepping stone to our success. If you keep learning and not repeating the same mistakes and try harder than nothing can stop you from achieving. There will be many twists and turns in your pathway but keep your eyes only on the prize and know that for each step that you make you are closer to your goal.

5) Also, help the other women who are other there and let other women too to help you out. If you are just getting started on your goal then get yourself a good mentor who is a female in the same industry. If you are already in the mid-career or for further along then become the mentor and guide someone else who is in more need than you and for passing on the skills that you have learned. You may give training in business management for the next one who is fresher or who is going to take your seat as you are scaling more heights if you are in the business management for long and you real time inputs in the particular seat will definitely help the successor. So, in whichever boat, you travel in you must be in a position to learn also teach as the relationship must be beneficial at the end of the day.  As a Women, we need to boost each other up from time to time. Since the opposite-sex mentorships also work out pretty well but the same-sex mentoring relationships are said to be much more empowering because as a woman we tend not to feel threatened by the presence of other women, and thus can help each other to promote one another.

Top 5 career tips from a High-Flying Woman – Part 1

Top 5 career tips from a High-Flying Woman – Part 1

In today’s jet-setting rocket world women are playing a vital force or a part of the workforce and many have prominent roles in most of the industries from the male-dominated physical jobs to IT jobs. There are many files and areas that these women are growing and the representation is complete by women including architecture to civil engineering, law, and medicine to law enforcement.

This month also marks the 30th anniversary of National Women’s History month that the congress had passed in the year 1987. In honor of all the women out there putting their hard works and energy into building the better future here, we are giving you some tips from the high-flying women.

1) Keep looking out for the best jobs and opportunities. Back to the time of our parents, they used to work on one job and profile till they retire and not learn much. But today it is not the case they take proper IT training and then work for a job and it is not stopped there. They proceed on to get a minimum of 8 careers in their entire lifetime and not just jobs or careers but also paths. Never settle down for something that is already there and keep your eyes open for the best opportunities and doesn’t turn blind. The world is huge and you have plenty of growth and the scope to keep up with all the latest trend etc. You can find many jobs in various sectors that are recruiting women.

2) Become successful on your own and come up with your own definition to it. Even if you have people saying that you have made it to the peak and are the best do not ever take their word for granted. You must always ask yourself as to what you want from your career or your life and must aim for it. The definition of success is quite different for each person and someone who is successful in building applications can dream of taking a certification like an asp .net certification if she does not have and aim for more. Everyone wants to be a manager but they themselves may aim for higher positions or may want to become a boss.

3) You must love your work and it is very important to do so. Only if you are passionate to do your job you will feel like going to work every day. You must find out what you actually love and it may take a while for you. You must be able to work on being the best in the field whether it be medicine, engineering, auto design or anything and do not waste time doing the things that will not contribute towards your final goal and remember you must also be able to take a step back when things are not working in your favor like doing an unpaid internship, part time job etc. before moving forward with your lives.

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Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 2

In our previous blog Internet of Things part 1 we have given you an insight into what Internet of things is all about and the technologies. You can focus on these and get an insight about IoT.

We have discussed the first important thing that was Business Intelligence and the next one to be discussed is about Information Security.

Information Security


This is said to be the most of be filled talent gaps among the existing IT workforce. There are plenty of cyber security specialists who are the most sought after today after the growth of the IP-enables devices that are increasing the complexity. The potential exploits and the privacy concerns of the web are more exposed now and solving it is very important. Can someone hack into your smart fridge and gain access to the entire network?  Yes, it is entirely possible and can hack easily thus the IT security professionals can stop that from happening. They are said to be skilled in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, ethical hacking, PKI (public key infrastructure) security as well as wireless network security. So, therefore, they can mitigate the risks and evaluate the required privacy policies and correct them. Since the knowledge of data ethics and the policies is there it can help the individual to advance his/her career in information security.

UI / UX Design


The various screens such as PC, smartphone, and tablets all come in rectangles. The various objects in the Internet of Things come in all shapes and sizes. The screen will be varied and may be in small or big screens. While some may have a display, some may not have a display at all. So, the talented UI/UX designers will be hot cakes as the IoT providers will continuously strive to build and deploy effective, cost-friendly and user-friendly interfaces despite the shift in paradigms. The skills which as marketable for UI/UX designers in IoT are responsive web design which means that the visuals will dynamically adjust as per the screen size, platform and the orientation and the Service design which means human-centered design approach that is intuitive and will guide the users through very complex services. You can undertake google training courses and java programming training from top portals to train as well as to make careers.

Mobile Development


As told above since UI/UX design is paving a way to creating new kind of awareness across multiple platforms you can say that many of our smart objects will be controlled with mobile devices. The devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables are all driving additional demand for the mobile application development job role across the world. The most in demand are Apple as well as Android OS as they demand the most jobs and these two platforms account for over 95% of total mobile devices in the entire US circulations with a very neck to neck market share at 45% each share.

Now digging further deeper those who are the experienced professionals and the one who have the experience of developing mobile apps is the most sought after especially after the proliferating Internet of Things workforce. You can undertake mobile app development course online across many portals such as Benchfolks as well as dice.

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Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 1

Internet of things: What to focus on – Part 1

Internet of things? Internet? Things? For a normal layman, it is Greek and Latin and to all the nerds out there it is something of great interest. Now the combination of both the internet and the technology is so appealing that is all set to revolutionize the internet. Internet of things is one of the best technology trends recently and is poised and bound to explode big time. Knowing the different technologies and mastering the skill sets will help to maximize the salary as well as the marketability in the Internet of Things.

When we say Internet of Things what does it mean? It is nothing but the merger between the physical as well as the digital world. In the IoT as in Internet of Things our daily objects are all embedded with technology such as Wi-Fi, sensors etc. which helps to acquire a unique identity and gain the ability to interact with external environments. These infinite number of networks in the smart devices have promised a range of benefits for the businesses, individuals and the society like increased safety, improved quality of life and reduced work.

Now the IoT revolution is here and many smart objects that range from fitness wearables as well as home appliances are connected to the factories and smart cities overall are also coming online daily. Remember this is only a beginning as the broadband/hardware costs are doing each day and users are going up daily. Fitness wearables which are android powered and are developed by certified java programmers. As per Gartner it has predicted that around 30 billion devices will be on the Internet of Things by 2030 where the products and services of IoT will be generating a minimum of $300 plus billion every year. Get knowledge on java certification at http://e-learning.benchfolks.com/online-training-java-j2ee-certification-courses.html

The big business is all in technology giants such as Cisco, IBM and SAP are all launching the various business units as well as spending billions to grow the infrastructure that is needed. Even big industrial manufactures like Ford, General Electric, Philips are now working overtime to develop the next generation smart devices. Many startups have come out based on IoT and are booming. As these continue to expand we can see that many fast-forward IT professionals are looking to strike big are seeking lucrative careers and job opportunities. We have a few set of skills that are especially sought after in the age of IoT.

Business Intelligence:

Businessman using tablet computer

So many devices such as Desktops, PDA’s mobile phones are all receiving as well as sending so many huge amounts of data and are sending out many raw information thus enhancing the potential of big data. We will be having many big organizations who will be gathering, storing and analyzing that data and will analyze the smart device data streams for intelligence. Many business intelligence specialists have skills in data center management, sensor data and predictive analysis as well as programming skills in the leading big data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL etc. which will be ideal to meet the demands. You can also undertake any advanced business intelligence courses online.

Also, the most important part which is strong business acumen will be main judging block as the BI executives will be given tasks to burgeon the Internet of Things.

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