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Data Center Networking: Its Evolving nature over the years? -Chapter 1

Data Center Networking: Its Evolving nature over the years? -Chapter 1

When it comes to data networking not many know that it is progressing with each day with a major shift that is aiming to simplify and automate the provisioning of resources. We will be considering some of the next generation technologies and tools in networks and who are the enterprise vendors for the same in the next few blogs. You can now undertake best online IT certification programs for your benefit.

During the shift in the last decade, we could see that there has been a change or shift of paradigms of data center networks which say an up gradation from two to three layered solution. This was working very well and it is still being implemented for long. But the recent introduction to SDN or software defined networking, network overlay solutions and virtualization brought a new dimension and a general focus on deployment and up gradation to more efficient systems has been under the fire in many firms and thus most of them are now forced to change their strategies to evolve their existing data center networking. Take latest storage area network training on Benchfolks, dice etc.

We will now see what are the main network designs that have been used in the past 10 years as well as emerging trends will be discussed which are currently getting developed and deployed evolving the methods of implementations. The basic design that has been used over many years in the past has been the implementation of two as well as three later architecture. The server packs were placed on the access or edge layer which was interconnected with another later called as the distribution layer which was then connected to the core layer. Take network administrator courses online/offline now.

The design was originally designed keeping in mind the traffic where they will be going from the access to the core layer and back. The issues, however, were that in many of the modern networks the pattern was incorrect with respect to the data center and modern ones have a different kind of resources which are all interconnected with one another and with different virtualization technologies. The pattern was a failure as the traffic occurred more on the access layer and not the other two thus forming bottlenecks and the network, in turn, becomes highly inefficient.

To top off with the changes the network too was undergoing an evolutionary shift in the way the resources are getting handled and managed. 20 years ago, the organization had to buy a physical server and then deploy one and now most of them can be done without any additional hardware by utilizing virtualization and newer storage resources. However, the problem until recently was that the resources had to be evolved up to a point where it had to be quickly provisioned from a central location and the resources that needed to change were to take more time for provisioning like hours to days.

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