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Data Center Networking: It’s Evolving Nature Over The Years? -Part 3

In my two previous blogs, I have mentioned how data centers have evolved over the years and how with each progressing day there has been a major shift when it comes to simplifying data and data networking. Not many know that with each progressing day there is a major shift aimed to simplify and automate the provisioning of resources. I have mentioned how many firms are undergoing a metamorphosis of change by considering some of the next generation technologies and tools in networks and who are the enterprise vendors for it. Now you can also be in touch with all the latest networking technology related online IT courses with certificates.

One thing that these data center networks and networking, in general, will see is that newer technologies will come up with each passing day and they must evolve with some of the best practices. The technologies that fit the best will be used and the others will bleed out eventually. We have seen an overview of the existing and evolving data center networking technologies in my previous blogs and we will now take a closer look at some of the networking tools. Take certification in networking to know the tools and how to use them.

Data center networking is undergoing a major shift that is aiming to simplify and automate the provisioning of network resources. Change is inevitable and will happen soon and introduction to SDN or software defined networking, network overlay technologies, and network virtualization with a general focus on deployment and up gradation of more operationally efficient systems has lit the fire in most of the companies.

Now since we have covered a high-level history of how a data center works and how networking has evolved we will be reviewing some of them now who are making their way to modern data centers.

1) CloudVision SDN: Arista Networks is one of the top data center networking vendors who are currently in the market and it is mainly the strong player owing to its advanced prediction of how networking is going to change the future. It is also based on many various switching platform options each of it running its own EOS which is Extensible Operating System which is the masterpiece among the firm’s solutions. EOS was built with an open mind and an open API that could be connected with most of the other platforms like OpenStack, VMware etc. Since it has several advantages over a traditional network OS because the processes that were running were independent, configured and upgraded without making any of the other processes down. It also utilizes flexible software which is programmed to support a wide variety of plug-in solutions like those from Dell, Microsoft, Palo Alto, VMware etc. Take VMware training classes to know more about VMware.

CloudVision can be implemented in many ways depending on the size and needs of the organization and the support typically includes 4 different principle topology designs with each of them customized.

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